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The Thalidomide Tragedy: A Stark Reminder of the Need for Patient Safety

Unearthing the Tragic Legacy of Neglected Medication Safety

Video Playlist 1/9 videos “‘ data-height=’450’ data-video_index=’1’> 1 The Return of Thalidomide06:18“‘ data-height=’450’ data-video_index=’2’> 2 Thalidomide: The Chemistry Mistake That Killed Thousands of Babies04:28“‘ data-height=’450’ data-video_index=’3’> 3 The Shadow of the Thalidomide Tragedy | Retro Report | The New York Times12:08“‘ data-height=’450’ data-video_index=’4’> 4 Living with the effects 60 years after Thalidomide scandal | DW […]

Janene Hoskovec – Coughing on Grocery Store Customers

Janene Hoskovec | Anti-Masker Coughing | YouTube Janene Hoskovec showed a complete lack of compassion, understanding and open-mindedness towards other shoppers in the grocery store. Instead, she chose to harass customers for their choice to wear masks in the store. Janene showed a complete disregard for other people’s rights and concerns.  She never stopped to consider whether or not the people […]

Unveiling the Turpin Family Nightmare: Jordan’s Tale of Survival

ABC | 20/20 | YouTube | Jordan Turpin In the annals of child abuse cases, few stories are as chilling and disturbing as that of the Turpin family. The tale of David and Louise Turpin, who subjected their 13 children to a life of torment and captivity, shook the world in 2018. In this blog post, we delve into the harrowing details […]