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Janene Hoskovec
Bullying, Harassment
Grocery store customers.

Janene Hoskovec showed a complete lack of compassion, understanding and open-mindedness towards other shoppers in the grocery store. Instead, she chose to harass customers for their choice to wear masks in the store. Janene showed a complete disregard for other people’s rights and concerns.  She never stopped to consider whether or not the people wearing the mask had immune compromised family members or other reasons for wearing the masks. She never stopped to consider that these people might have been uncomfortable not wearing a mask.  She never stopped to consider the scene she was causing for the grocery store owner and staff.  She never stopped consider that she was upsetting children in the store.  She only cared about her beliefs and chose to push them aggressively onto other people. 

In addition, she purposely coughed on these customers, further stressing them and putting them at risk.  The fact is, Janene could have been a carrier of COVID without symptoms and infected them. Luckily she was not infected or this situation would have been far worse.

This type of bullying behavior is completely unacceptable.  She is setting a horrible example for children and teens in the grocery store and on media that have now seen her behavior. Whether you believe in wearing a mask or not, you do not harass others who do not agree with you.  The only possible exception to confronting someone about wearing a mask is if they are breaking a law or not following an establishment’s mask policy.  And even then, you can certainly be respectful about it.

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